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My return to newgrounds!

2010-06-21 00:46:40 by SvZ12

For a while, I have been gone. Not too much time to make music as I unfold my path into college, and making money. It's been a rough time, but I can now make free space in my busy schedule to practice my sounds, and more.

You see, I've been a long time and avid listener of the nerdcore genre. I write stories, sometimes poetry, and I figured I would try my chances at just attempting nerdcore. Not to make myself HUGE or anything, but just something to have fun with, and keep me sane through these next rapid years of changes galore.

So I may be posting demo work here, and possibly vocals so a few more experienced authors could attempt to help me with this!

By the way, I would be willing to pay someone to make me a good instrumental, just saying.

Agh! Where did my motivation go?

2009-10-10 13:48:13 by SvZ12

I haven't made music in a while, probably because I can't find a certain style to go for. It's weird though, because most of my submissions are well rated, and well downloaded. I was thinking Industrial and Hardstyle, but now I'm starting to like hip-hop and very instrumental breakdowns.

I don't know, but I'll figure something out.


2009-07-13 04:10:56 by SvZ12

Saw this movie a night or so ago with some good friends of mine.

I walked in expecting to be blown away by Sacha Baron Cohen yet again, but I honestly think Borat was a better experience all around.

Borat brought unexpected, vulgar humor, and over the top real world situations. Bruno does the same thing, only as you're watching it [for those who've seen Borat] you feel as if you've honestly seen this movie before. To be truthful, you pretty much are. The situations with people seem to be a lot less offensive to some, but way more blatantly funny. There's too many direct jokes, rather than reactive jokes that made Borat successful in the first place.

Storyline wise, Bruno is about the same. You have a character who travels to America, in search of public opinion and change. It even has the same exact scene where in Borat, Borat's partner in travel leaves him, and he goes through a state of denial wanting change. While this may seem a little similar, it gets even more nostalgic. Bruno seeks to rid of his homosexuality, but ends up finding his lost partner again.

The ending is also abrupt. Really abrupt. Borat had a good ending with a well thought out plot device. Bruno falls short of this. It's actually quite disappointing.

From a not so comparative view, Bruno is fucking hilarious, and I urge you all to see it. You'll get a kick out of the surprises. Just don't expect a complete shock that you got from Borat. It's really not there.

Tell me what you think of the movie!

Mega Man Remix!

2009-07-08 18:01:12 by SvZ12

I uploaded the Mega Man remix I made today just a few minutes ago, and I guess I'll make a little post about it so it may catch a little bit of attention. /253638

Please review and let me know what you think. I may upload more soon.

Happy listening.

Everything You Promised Me...

2009-07-06 15:56:00 by SvZ12

Is actually getting some attention from Newgrounds users! We'll just have to see how far this piece of work can send me adrift. /249856

Take a gander, review, and vote! I'm not asking HOLY SHIT 5/5/5/5/5/5/5. But I do ask that you review appropriately.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the piece, and already voted for it.

And they made a Shrek Musical.

2009-07-05 22:19:10 by SvZ12

It's almost as if the world seems to be falling into a pit of retardation, and nothing in this world couldn't be so blatantly obvious as making a fucking Shrek Musical. On broadway too.

It's fine though, I'll just sit back and enjoy myself thinking as days and days go by.

I find myself making more and more music, but no where to really put it. It either sounds like complete shit in my ears, or makes my body move like it's never moved before.

That being said, I guess you'll find more and more of my songs being put here, and I guess some pictures to.

Welcome to my page everyone!

2009-06-26 01:13:37 by SvZ12

I hope to bring something a little bit of my own to newgrounds, and this first post seems the correct way to go. I've been off the site for a while due to the constant flow of idiocy between people, but I'm back. I feel better about this already.

Well, let's first start this off with two song submissions for my musical project I've been doing for a while now. Good?

They should be up when the Audio people kick in and decide to approve them.

Thanks for the welcome, Newgrounds.