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2009-07-13 04:10:56 by SvZ12

Saw this movie a night or so ago with some good friends of mine.

I walked in expecting to be blown away by Sacha Baron Cohen yet again, but I honestly think Borat was a better experience all around.

Borat brought unexpected, vulgar humor, and over the top real world situations. Bruno does the same thing, only as you're watching it [for those who've seen Borat] you feel as if you've honestly seen this movie before. To be truthful, you pretty much are. The situations with people seem to be a lot less offensive to some, but way more blatantly funny. There's too many direct jokes, rather than reactive jokes that made Borat successful in the first place.

Storyline wise, Bruno is about the same. You have a character who travels to America, in search of public opinion and change. It even has the same exact scene where in Borat, Borat's partner in travel leaves him, and he goes through a state of denial wanting change. While this may seem a little similar, it gets even more nostalgic. Bruno seeks to rid of his homosexuality, but ends up finding his lost partner again.

The ending is also abrupt. Really abrupt. Borat had a good ending with a well thought out plot device. Bruno falls short of this. It's actually quite disappointing.

From a not so comparative view, Bruno is fucking hilarious, and I urge you all to see it. You'll get a kick out of the surprises. Just don't expect a complete shock that you got from Borat. It's really not there.

Tell me what you think of the movie!


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